About me

my portfolio:  http://behance.net/cuadraman

I’ve been building websites for hobby since I was 15 years old.

After several years I decided that it was time to follow my bliss so I quit my job and studied Software Engineering.

My bliss is working on projects in Web/Mobile Apps, Illustrating, defining psychological concepts to attract customers, planning new businesses and working out at the gym.

I describe myself as silent, thoughtful, sensible to art, aesthetic, spiritual, artist, philosopher and visionary.

My specialty is front-end: HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Ajax, Illustrator, Photoshop

You can look at my art portfolio at the behance link

Some of my personal rules are:

  1. Follow your bliss
  2. COURAGE is knowing what you need to do and do it
  3. Love and accept yourself as you are, you’ll gain an awesome power
  4. Avoid the unhappy and unlucky